Organic Buckwheat Tempeh


Buckwheat tempeh is a favorite among plant-based and gluten-free eaters alike  — all with relatively few calories, practically no fat and zero gluten. Buckwheat has been used for thousands of years in cuisines around the world, especially in Russia and parts of Asia. Today, Angie's Tempeh has brought a fusion of cuisines by turning Buckwheat into a tempeh! The result...? ULTRA CRISPY AWESOMENESS!!

This tempeh is best served cut into thin 1-2cm thick slices and then PAN-FRIED until golden brownWhen pan-fried, this tempeh transforms itself to an ultra crispy cracker finish! This is our crispiest tempeh flavour yet!! Highly addictive. Sprinkle on a lil bit of salt, or add on your favourite sauce/ curries to this tempeh for a delicious and nutritious meal.


Filtered water, organic buckwheat, culture (Rhizopus oligosporous).


Size Options

Available in 200g.


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Storage and Handling

❄️ FOR COOKING WITHIN 1 WEEK FROM DELIVERY: store in chiller (0 degree C to 4 degree C)⠀

❄️ TO LAST FOR 3 MONTHS MINIMUM: store in freezer (-12 degree C and below)⠀

⭐️ TO THAW FROM FROZEN: put in chiller (0-4 degree C) to thaw for 1-2 hr. Cook immediately after thawing