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About Angie’s Tempeh

I’m on a mission to create natural, delicious and healthy plant-based protein options that are positive to your life.

Angie’s Tempeh was created when I was at my life’s lowest point. Looking for positivity in my life, I decided to change my lifestyle by turning to clean and wholesome eating. I became a vegetarian in the process but found it a struggle finding good quality and natural plant-based protein for daily consumption.

By chance, I discovered the health wonders of tempeh. In 2019, I took a leap of faith and flew down to Bogor, Indonesia to learn the authentic way of tempeh making from tempeh masters. Shortly after, I started Angie’s Tempeh in my Singapore home’s kitchen.

Today, my customers range from families with kids and yogis to vegetarians and cancer survivors, forming a community of wholesome eating.

Angie’s Tempeh to me, is not just about making delicious tempeh for you. Through my tempeh, I hope that Angie’s Tempeh will also be a source of positivity for you and I, on days that we may need it most. Being able to give positivity back to my customers is what keeps me going :)

-- Angie, Founder and Chief Tempeh Maker

Here’s why people are loving Angie’s Tempeh

Organic, Non-GMO, and Minimal ingredients

Angie’s Tempeh is made only from two ingredients: certified organic and non-GMO beans (soybeans, chickpeas or adzuki beans) and culture. We keep it grain-free and do not use fillers such as flours or starches in our tempeh. Our tempeh is deliciously simple.

Handmade with love in Singapore

Angie’s Tempeh is handmade in small batches using traditional, time-tested methods. We follow a meticulous process of sourcing, splitting, dehulling, cooking, inoculating, incubating and packaging. Each batch is made with care and pride to ensure a quality product.

Delivered Fresh, Warm and Unpasteurised

Angie’s Tempeh is fresh and unpasteurised, meaning it is alive, and retains its natural tender texture and earthy flavour. The tempeh delivered to you is at its peak freshness - right out from the incubator. This is why the tempeh you receive may still feel warm to the touch.

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