We are artisanal tempeh makers in Singapore.

After giving up meat, Angie started a search for wholesome protein sources in her diet but found few that fit the requirements of being natural, wholesome, and suitable for eating as a staple in the everyday diet. This ended up igniting a burning passion to make sure that the world does not have to do the same. The challenge was to create a product that addresses the real-life problem that the world faces in terms of sustainable nutritious food that appeals to the palate.

As a fervent fanatic of tempeh, Angie was passionate about making great tempeh with quality ingredients. Angie realised that the secret recipe lay buried in the fermentation process. To get to the root of the problem, Angie travelled to Bogor, Indonesia and mastered the skills of working on-site with the authentic ‘Masters of Tempeh’ in the kampungs of Bogor, Indonesia. Significantly equipped with knowledge and experience in tempeh making, Angie returned to Singapore, a place she calls home, to set up a tempeh business and share her passion for food with her customers. The business started out with a single girl (Angie) making tempeh in a small rented kitchen but quickly grew into a whole team of people devoted to making the best plant protein option on the market. Angie's Tempeh's story of making the world a better place through plant protein has touched many people and earned many mainstream media publications in Channel News Asia, Channel 8 News, and South China Morning Post.

Through a mastery of fermentation and innovative techniques, our unique tempeh range expands beyond soybeans to include other superfood legumes and grains that are nutritious and wholesome.

Aside from selling on our e-commerce store, we also offer retail and food service channels unique options to expand their menus, manufacturing high quality, customisable and naturally fermented tempeh.


Our tempeh crew together with Channel U television hosts