Order & Delivery FAQ

How to Order

Place your order online at www.angiestempeh.com/collections/tempeh

We only take pre-orders for tempeh due to the stringent time schedule for fermentation and living nature of the product. The order is then prepared and delivered fresh to your door.

Shipping / Home Delivery

We only deliver within Singapore.

Orders above $50: Free Delivery. Orders below $50, there is a $8 delivery fee.

Orders are dispatched on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, depending on which day you selected for delivery. You will receive a confirmation email after placing your order.

Delivery window is from 1pm-4:30pm

In the event that no one is at home to accept delivery, we will leave your parcel at the front door. 

Why is my Tempeh warm after receiving it?

This heat means that your tempeh is fresh! The heat is an internally generated heat that is produced within the tempeh when it is still growing. I deliver all the tempeh fresh upon making it. When you receive your order, it is still alive and growing. The warmness of tempeh is a sign of freshly made unpasteurised tempeh - something not commonly found in supermarkets. You do not need to have to wait for it to cool down before refrigerating it or freezing it. Freeze it after delivery to preserve it in it freshest state. It will last for months frozen, I use 3 months as a guideline.