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At Angie's Tempeh, we've redefined a beloved classic with our innovative Tempeh Bak Kwa – a plant-based marvel that's 100% handcrafted right here in Singapore. Pioneers in the culinary art of vegan Tempeh Bak Kwa, we've devoted over a year to relentless research and development, perfecting a recipe that's not only delicious but also a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Our dedication bore fruit, placing us as finalists at Asia’s Great Snack Challenge.

Limited slots for CNY 2024

Because Tempeh Bak Kwa is a handcrafted item, we have very limited slots for CNY 2024. As we have constraints for this year's production, there will be fewer boxes available for sale. If you would like a box, kindly book early. We are usually sold out before January.

Available Slots

Please select the date of delivery. We have very limited available slots this upcoming CNY 2024 because of the handcrafted nature of Tempeh Bak Kwa.

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I wanted a wholesome, natural source of plant protein to fit my lifestyle. I didn't want to eat mock meats or other ingredients filled with additives. I just wanted something simple and delicious, which is why I flew to Bogor, Indonesia to learn how to make tempeh from the authentic tempeh masters.

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Grand Finalist in Competition

Tempeh Bak Kwa is a unique product that we invented by ourselves. We have sold out every year since 2021, 2022 and 2023. We were even placed as Grand Finalist in the Asia's Great Snack Challenge.

Handmade with love

Authentic flavour

We make everything about this Tempeh Bak Kwa from scratch. This includes the fermentation of the tempeh, slicing, baking, marinating, pairing spices, slow-cooking and reducing the sauce, barbecueing, etc. We strive to keep an authentic flavour and craftsmanship to our products.


Artisanal touch meets Science

Consistent innovation is part of our core values and we worked with PhDs, food scientists, and professionals in the food industry to further refine the product to the best of our ability. Your support for our product will help us continue with further innovations as well.

Once a year only

Limited Stock

Due to the nature of this handcrafted product, combined with the increasing costs of operation in Singapore, we have very limited stocks available for ordering in CNY 2024. If you do wish to reserve a box, please do so early as we usually sell out before the new year begins.

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Is the Tempeh Bak Kwa vegan?

Yes, the recipe is vegan and 100% free from animal products. This year we have taken one step further to exclude honey from our recipe such that animal-free products are used.


What are the ingredients in the Tempeh Bak Kwa?

Soybeans, Japanese soy sauce, caramel, sugar, rice malt, molasses, star aniseed, clove, cinnamon, red pepper, coriander, rice bran oil, tomato paste, vegetable oil, tamarind paste, paprika, mushroom powder, yeast extract, tempeh culture, citric acid, red food colouring (E124), (truffle oil), flavouring, edible gum.

黄豆天贝、日式酱油、焦糖、糖、麦芽糖、糖蜜、八角、丁香、桂皮、辣椒、香菜米油、番茄酱、菜油、罗望子果酱、辣椒粉、蘑菇粉末、酵母膏、天贝酵母、柠檬酸、红色食用色素 (E124)、(松露油)、调味香料、黄原胶

How long can Tempeh Bak Kwa be stored?

As we do not add preservatives, we recommend to finish eating the tempeh bak kwa within 30 days and keep it chilled. Please store in the fridge and consume within 30 days.

必须保存在冰箱中,并在 30 天内食用

Will you sell the Tempeh Bak Kwa outside of Chinese New Year period?

Angie’s Tempeh Bak Kwa is handcrafted in Singapore, which is highly time consuming. We will only make this once a year for the CNY festive season.




  • Yumm...

    “I really love the sauce. When it is warm, it really has that Bak Kwa taste.”

  • I wait for it every year!

    "My kids keep asking me for Angie's Tempeh Bak Kwa.”

  • Vegan-friendly, allium-free

    “I love that I can buy this for my vegan and vegetarian friends!"

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