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Angie's Tempeh

Organic Quinoa Tempeh

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Organic Quinoa Tempeh - The Power Tempeh

Crafted with nature’s natural antioxidant, introducing Angie’s Organic Quinoa Tempeh. Quinoa is a superfood that contains nine essential amino acids – including the coveted lysine and isoleucine acids, making it an excellent plant-based protein.

Slice the Quinoa Tempeh thinly and pan fry until golden brown for that crispy pop with every bite.



Organic quinoa, culture (Rhizopus oligosporous), filtered water.

Size Options

Available in 200g.


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Storage and Handling

Angie recommends cooking the tempeh within 1 week from delivery, storing it in the chiller at 0-4°C.

For longer storage, pop the tempeh in the freezer (-12°C and below). Thaw the tempeh in the chiller for 1-2 hours and cook it immediately after.

Try our Quinoa Tempeh in this recipe below!

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Quinoa tempe shioks

Made this with the kimchi fried rice recipe! It was so tasty. Didn’t even miss the meat! Delicious taste. But do take note that it does tend to brown very fast. But even in its very dark brown colour it’s still yumsss ☺️

My favourite is Quinoa tempeh

Quinoa tempeh smell so good after pan frying! Love it!

Audrey Ng
Love it

Fav tempeh amongst all. I coated the tempehs with olive oil and some salt, used an airfryer and they turned out crispy and yummy!

Olivia Lim
Favourite tempeh for frying

Love the texture of this tempeh! We cut it in long, thin slices and pan fried it - healthier version of fries :)
Tried brushing a layer of oil and air fried it, but the texture was much drier.

Crunch with your munch

The quinoa tempeh is one of our favorites from Angie. We have it simply cooked - sliced and pan fried in as little grapeseed oil as possible, then dusted with a sprinkling of salt. It's divine. The crunch of the quinoa is amazing and it does not have that sourness that is more pronounced in traditional soya bean tempeh. Of late, I've been experimenting with the airfryer but with less success than pan frying. The crunch is not as satisfying; but with only a spritz of avocado oil, and barely 15 min at 190C with one flip or two flips for even browning, it is a method worth considering and worth further experimentation.