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Angie's Tempeh

Handcrafted Organic Tempeh Chips

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We've got a lot of love for delicious snacks, but we're also very conscious of what we put in our bodies. Our Organic Tempeh Chips are just as crunchy as your favorite potato chips, with the addition of a hearty and slightly nutty flavor. It's a perfect snack for those looking for a healthier indulgence! 

Crispy and savory tempeh with a hint of salt, these crisps are made with utmost love and care through our own in-house fermentation techniques that we have acquired over many years of artisanal tempeh making. With just the right amount of crunch and a light soy tang, these chips are perfect for anything from game day snacks to school lunches.

These chips are an ✨ONLINE EXCLUSIVE item. We won't be selling them in our supermarket or restaurants partner stores because it is very laborious to make these handcrafted chips. They are made with premium ingredients and a whole lot of love. 💕 You will only find them here on!



Handcrafted Organic Tempeh Chips 

Ingredient list: Organic non-GMO Soybean, tapioca starch, salt, tempeh culture (Rhizopus Oligosporus)
Size: 200g
Shelf life: 1 month from delivery date


Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Great snack!

Pair it with hummus or muhammara and the chips are delicious. Can be eaten plain too.

Emellyn Boo
Tempeh chips

I find that this too salty. it would be great to reduce the salt.

Mrs Serene Teo
innovative snack

Innovative snack, crunchy enough, mild taste, easy to get addicted! But, too salty! Instead of eating and enjoying the bean and tapioca away, eating and feeling the salt sank into my tongue. In my opinion, a pity. May consider adding pepper to up the taste or other flavours if baker is afraid the taste i too mild.

Very Fresh Tempeh Chips. But….

Very fresh and tasty Tempeh chips. No oily taste nor smell. But me and my vegan colleagues all felt that the chips are too salty. We ordered 5 packets and so far the 2 we opened are quite salty.

Breeze Seah
Tempeh Chips

Got it free from ordering the Tempeh Happiness Multipack. Taste awesome & very addictive. My husband and myself love it so much.