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Angie's Tempeh

Blessings Bundle (Halal certified!)

Blessings Bundle (Halal certified!)

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This bundle includes:

1. Organic Soybean Tempeh

2. Organic Chickpea Tempeh

3. Organic Buckwheat Tempeh

4. Organic Quinoa Tempeh

which are 4 of our halal certified tempehs that are handcrafted and fermented in Singapore. These are made to order and delivered fresh to your doorstep hours after it is ripe from our incubator!


Organic Tempeh

Size Options

Each tempeh flavour is available in 200g.


Free delivery for orders above S$50. 

Storage and Handling

Angie recommends cooking the tempeh within 1 week from delivery, storing it in the chiller at 0-4°C.

For longer storage, pop the tempeh in the freezer (-12°C and below). Thaw the tempeh in the chiller for 1-2 hours and cook it immediately after.

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